The University of Geneva Faculty of Law hosted a consultation workshop on May 3 with Facebook in order to discuss about the Oversight Board that Facebook plans to set up in order to help manage decisions of content removal on the social media platform (in the light of the Draft Charter: An Oversight Board for Content Decisions that Facebook has drafted and submitted for consultation). A group of approximately 20 high level experts coming from academia and from the digital international Geneva community participated in the workshop which is part of a series of events that Facebook has organized in various cities around the world in the course of its consultation process.

The University of Geneva was very pleased to host the workshop and to contribute to the discussion of this very important global digital policy issue on which it will continue to work in the context of its activities about the way to address the challenges raised by Massive Online Micro-Justice (see: and and in the framework of its project of creating a center for digital law as a part of its digital strategy (


Jacques de Werra

Directeur du Centre de Droit du Numérique
Professeur à la Faculté de droit

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