Margot Voisin

Research and teaching assistant

margot.voisin [at]


Margot Voisin holds a Bachelor's degree in law (2017) and a Master's degree in law (2021) from the University of Geneva, during which she did an exchange at the Free University of Brussels, in Belgium. As an alumna of the Law Clinic on the Rights of Vulnerable Persons, a master's seminar at the University of Geneva dealing with human rights from a practical perspective, she worked on the rights of unaccompanied minors in Switzerland and on their rights in front of the police.

In parallel to her studies, she worked in 2021 as a research assistant to Professor Yaniv Benhamou in the framework of the transversal course "Understanding the digital".

Since January 2022, she has joined the Digital Law Center where she is a research and teaching assistant to Professors Yaniv Benhamou and Jacques de Werra. In parallel to this activity, she is currently writing a PhD thesis. Her research interests include human rights, data protection, social networking, inclusiveness, and digital discrimination and social bias. 

Associated activities