Today, it’s often more cost-effective to host services in the cloud instead of in its own premises. But how protected is our sensitive data in the cloud? We readily encrypt data in storage and protect it while in transit. But what about when data is “in use”? It is a legitimate concern in increasingly cloud-dominated infrastructures. Moreover, how to make sense of the different laws governing the sensitive data? 

During this week we will explore how privacy-enhancing computation technologies complement a zero-trust strategy by addressing the vulnerability of data in use in the cloud. We will also discuss the legal framework which is required to balance economical interest of companies with the individual’s data privacy concerns.


Legal/Regulatory framework

  • GDPR compliance, data privacy laws, collapse of Privacy Shield (Schrems II).
  • How to make sense of the different laws governing the sensitive data?
  • Beyond GDPR



  • Michel Jaccard, Founder and partner, id est avocats
  • Cornelia Kutterer, Senior Director, Rule of Law & Responsible Tech, European Government Affairs, Microsoft
  • Christoph Nabholz, Chief Research Officer & Managing Director,Swiss Re Institute
  • Fedor Poskriakov, Partner, Lenz Staehelin & General Secretary, CMTA


  • Yaniv Benhamou, Professor, Digital Law Center, UNIGE


Yaniv Benhamou

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, attorney at law
Member of the Board of…

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