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Israel Democracy Institute (IDI)


Time :  5 pm – 6.30 pm (Swiss / CEST time) / 3 pm – 4.30 pm (UTC/GMT) / 11 am – 12.30 pm (Eastern Daylight Time - EDT)


Presentation of the event :

Calls for changes to the regulatory paradigm for content moderation on social media platforms have been growing recently. One such proposal comes from the 2019 Israel Democracy Institute (IDI)/Yad Vashem Recommendations for Reducing Online Hate Speech, which consists of a list of measures formulated by an international team of researchers working under the guidance of senior human rights experts (including serving U.N. rapporteurs and past and present U.N. treaty body members) and under the coordination of Prof. Yuval Shany who coordinated the process of formulating the recommendations on behalf of IDI. The webinar will present the recommendations and discuss more generally about the challenges of online hate speech and social media platforms. The event will be free of charge (upon online registration).


Website of the recommendations : https://www.idi.org.il/books/31764


Direct link to the recommendations : IDI–Yad Vashem Recommendations for Reducing Online Hate Speech - A Proposed Basis for Policy Guidelines for Social Media Companies and other Internet Intermediaries



Welcome and introduction (5 pm CEST)

  • Prof. Jacques de Werra, Director of the Digital Law Center, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva
  • Prof. Yuval Shany, Vice-President, Israel Democracy Institute; Law Program Director, Federmann Cyber Security Research Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Presentation of the IDI/Yad Vashem Recommendations for Reducing Online Hate Speech (5.15 pm CEST)

  • Prof. Karen Eltis, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
  • Prof. David Kaye, clinical professor of law at the University of California, Irvine, and former UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression


High-level panel discussion (chaired by Prof. Yuval Shany) with the speakers and with other high-level panelists (5:45 pm CEST)

  • Peggy Hicks, Director Thematic Engagement, Special Procedures and Right to Development Division, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
  • Miranda Sissons, Director of Human Rights, Facebook
  • Prof. Frédéric Bernard, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva


Jacques de Werra

Director of the Digital Law Center
Professor at the Faculty of Law

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Admissions and registration

Free admission (no fees) upon online registration at: https://formulaire.unige.ch/outils/limesurveyfac/droit/index.php/822764?lang=en

Deadline for online registration: September 21, 2020.

Information for joining the event (on zoom) will be subsequently communicated by email to the registered participants.