Prof. Jacques de Werra participates as a panelist for the Digital Law Center in the conference organized by the Office of Digital Transformation of the University of Geneva (Dr. Yaniv Benhamou).

Today we are witnessing the emergence of a global digital society with the massive sending of data abroad.  However, some States seem to be returning to national isolationism with local storage solutions in order to be less dependent on foreign infrastructures and platforms. In Switzerland, there is talk of adopting a Swiss Cloud for certain categories of data, while our neighbors are considering a European strategy. Beyond these geopolitical issues, this mass sending of data in Switzerland and abroad raises the question of protecting our privacy and control over our data. This conference will question the role of multilateralism in the search for global answers.




Opening conference :

  • Ms. Ms. Peggy Hicks, Director of the Thematic Engagement, Special Procedures and Right to Development Division of the UN's human rights office (OHCHR)

What the experts have to say:

  • Mr. Jean-Yves Art, Sr Director, Strategic Partnerships, Microsoft
  • Prof. Dorothée Baumann-Pauly, Director of the Geneva Center for Business and Human Rights
  • Mr. Paul-Olivier Dehaye, Founder of PersonalData.IO, Board Member administration of MyData Global
  • Prof. Maya Hertig Randall, Professor in the Department of Public Law and Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich, Dean of the Faculty of Law
  • Prof. Jacques de Werra, Director of the Digital Law Center, Faculty of Law

Moderator : Dr. Yaniv Benhamou, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Office of the digital transformation

  • Speaking to students (questions and interventions from students in the course) transversal Understanding digital)
  • Speaking to the city (questions from the public in person and online via the Slido application)


Yaniv Benhamou

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, attorney at law
Member of the Board of…

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Jacques de Werra

Director of the Digital Law Center
Professor at the Faculty of Law

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