The Geneva Digital Law Research Colloquium (www.digitallawcolloquium-geneva.ch), organized online by the School of Law of the University of Geneva in collaboration with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, the CRIDES Center for Economic Law and Society at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL)Renmin University of China and the Institute for Technology and Society of Rio, provides researchers working in Digital law the opportunity to:

  • present their work-in-progress to a panel of experienced Digital law experts,
  • have in-depth discussions and exchanges, and
  • receive helpful feedback and advice.
  • It also affords selected participants the opportunity to present their work to the students attending the Geneva Digital Law Summer School.

The colloquium will be held in the framework of the 7th edition of the Geneva Digital Law Summer School. The summer school offers a unique opportunity to learn about and discuss cutting-edge Digital law and policy issues in today’s society with academics, practitioners, representatives of global policy makers and of international organizations.

Topics that can be presented at the colloquium include:

  • emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, IoT, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, FinTech, etc.) ;
  • cybersecurity ;
  • digital privacy and online surveillance ;
  • free speech ;
  • consumer protection ;
  • social media ;
  • cloud computing ;
  • internet infrastructure.



The programme of the Digital Law Research Colloquium 2021 will be available soon.


Yaniv Benhamou

Associate Professor, attorney-at-law

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Irene Calboli

Academic Fellow at University of Geneva, Professor

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Ana Andrijevic

PhD student & Research and teaching assistant

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Jacques de Werra

Director of the Digital Law Center
Professor at the Faculty of Law

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Hélène Bruderer

PhD student & Research and teaching assistant

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Sotiria (Ria) Kechagia

Scientific collaborator

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Admissions and registration

For Whom

Applicants should be researchers with an established direction of research relevant to Digital law, whose research would benefit from feedback provided by senior colleagues and peers. The colloquium committee will select a limited number of participants who will be allocated time during the colloquium to provide a short presentation of their work, to be followed by a group discussion.


How to apply

Applicants should submit the following documents by email to digitallawcolloquiumatunige [point] ch with the following subject line "Geneva Digital Law Research Colloquium Submission". All items below should be collated into one single PDF file named YOURNAME_Colloquium2020.pdf (substitute your full name where it reads YOURNAME):

  1.  A one-page overview of your research work that briefly describes (a) your research topic and question(s), (b) the status of your research, and (c) the expected policy contribution of your research project.
    The overview should also include (1) a paragraph that describes what you hope to gain from attending the colloquium, (2) an abstract of max. 300 words, and (3) specific key questions/topics that you would like to discuss during the colloquium.

  2. An up-to-date CV. Please include the mention of any prior speaking engagements or any relevant teaching experience.

  3. One publication that you feel best illustrates your research (optional).

  4. A (brief) email from your research supervisor sent to digitallawcolloquiumatunige [point] ch briefly stating why he or she supports your application to the colloquium. The email should mention your name and "Geneva Digital Law Research Colloquium" in the subject line.

N.B. If applicants want to participate in the Digital Law Summer School, they should apply to both the Digital Law Summer School and to the research colloquium and indicate this in their applications. Please note that the participation to the Digital Law Summer School is not free of charge (subject to a fee waiver).


The Digital Law Research Colloquium will be organized online. Given the covid-19 crisis and the associated uncertainty, we will rearrange the schedule, so that participants can follow the colloquium online.


Participation in the colloquium is free of charge for the selected researchers.

Important Dates

  • April 30, 2021:    Deadline for applications
  • May 14, 2021:     Notification of acceptance to selected presenters
  • June 25, 2021:    Geneva Digital Law Research Colloquium

Contact & informations

For more information, please contact us at : digitallawcolloquiumatunige [point] ch

Previous editions

Digital Law Research Colloquium 2020


Program Internet Law Research Colloquium 2020





James Michael Heller, University of New York in Prague

James Michael HELLER

" Thank you for welcoming my participation in the Digital Law Research Colloquium 2020.  The organisation of this event was able to ensure a seamless conference of digital law experts participating from all over the world.  I was particularly impressed with the diversity of participants and viewpoints.  The feedback provided and questions asked by Professors Gasser, Branco and de Werra were thought-provoking and will serve to improve my ongoing research.  Just as meaningful to me were questions from participants in the Digital Law Summer School.  Whilst at an earlier stage of their careers, I have no doubt that many of the graduates from that program will help shape the future of the field of digital law. "

Presentation of James Michael Heller


Aurelija Serniute, Vilnius University 


" I did not hesitate for a second before applying to the Geneva Digital Law Research Colloquium and I must say that this event even exceeded my expectations. From the very beginning organisers offered warm and smooth communication, the same atmosphere was felt during the online Colloquium - it almost made me forget about the distance between attendees. A global gathering of creative minds was full of active, engaging, intellectually rich discussions. Thought-provoking comments by the leading experts in the field of Digital Law broadened my view on the presented topic and helped me develop a clearer vision of my further research path. Thank you very much for everything! "

Presentation of Aurelija Serniute


Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis, Max Planck Institute

Carlos Muñoz FERRANDIS

" This event has been a great opportunity for me in several aspects. First of all, I had the chance to present my research to some of the best experts in the world. Second, I received interesting insights from my commentators and several questions from such an engaged audience, the latter made me feel close to the 'online' public! Finally, as an early-stage researcher and 'wanna-be' academic, I am grateful to see institutions such as the Digital Law Center and University of Geneva taking these initiatives, aiming at supporting and trusting young researchers all over the world. What an incredible way to promote and foster research in the field of Digital Law! "

Presentation of Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis


Arletta Gorecka, University of Strathclyde

" I am beyond the words to express my thankfulness for the invitation to the Digital Law Colloquium organised by the University of Geneva. It was a real honour for me to present at the Colloquium, sharing my the insight of my research on the goals of competition law in the privacy concerns to legal experts and students. Thank you very much for this insightful feedback which would allow to further shape and support my research processes. I highly recommend this event as an unforgettable experience where one might present their unique research ideas. "

Presentation of Arletta Gorecka


lène Bruderer, University of Geneva 

Presentation of Hélène Bruderer


Riccardo Vecellio Segate, University of Macau 

Presentation of Riccardo Vecellio Segate

Internet Law Research Colloquium 2019


Program Internet Law Research Colloquium 2019





Jianing Sang, University of Fribourg 

Jianing Sang

" First, I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to the University of Geneva, for allowing those who have interests into further study regarding Internet law to discuss hot issues and new challenges we are facing in the law area due to the involvement of Internet. Besides, it was also a great honour for me to have the presentation, sharing my recent research concerning online consumer protection with experts and students from Geneva Internet L@w Summer School, I did receive insightful and actionable advices which could therefore support me for my further study in this area. Finally, many thanks to the Hardt Fondation, I did enjoy myself during the colloquium for its natural and peaceful circumstances. Highly recommended for those who have interests in this specific area and are ready to give creative ideas thereof, it would be a non-forgettable experience of your academic life! "

Presentation of Jianing Sang


Mohamed Rashid Al Balushi, Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, Sultanate of Oman 

Mohamed Rashi Al Balushi

" Delighted to have been given the opportunity to present and discuss my paper with highly skilled experts, commentators, and students. The coffee discussions and challenging questions that followed were both thought-provoking and valuable, which certainly reflected the interest and willingness of the participants to learn more about the multiple topics and matters raised. Finally, the Foundation Hardt's Estate offered a wonderful setting that is inspirational in its own sense. "

Presentation of Mohamed Rashid Al Balushi


Gadi Perl, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Gadi Perl

" I am happy for the opportunity have participated in the Internet Law Research Colloquium. Having so many like-minded scholars, interested researchers in the intersection of law and technology – is a rare occasion. The organization behind the scenes was perfect. I sat riveted during presentations on novel and interesting topics. The experience of presenting my own research, hearing feedback both from established professors and new and upcoming scholars, enriched my paper and helped make it better. "

Presentation of Gadi Perl

Internet Law Research Colloquium 2018


Program Internet Law Research Colloquium 2018





Miriam Cherry, Saint Louis University 

"The conference was an engaging intellectual experience, covering many areas of emerging technologies and their intersection with the legal system. The students who attended were bright and asked good questions, and experienced researchers provided feedback.  The conference was well-organized and it was held in beautiful surroundings."


Alina Trapova, University of Bocconi

"The Internet Law Colloquium proved to be an event on a very high level. However, at the same time it was extremely inclusive and provided an international setting. The format of the presentations was particularly good as it prompted the presenters to think deeper and focus on specific issues, which is often problematic when popular and expansive topics such as AI are discussed. The insightful feedback I received guided my research techniques and helped me narrow down my ideas."

Presentation of Alina Trapova


Stephan Kolossa, Central European University

"The research colloquium was a great addition to the Geneva Internet Law summer program and a wonderful opportunity to discuss my ongoing research together with international leading experts in a small and unique setting. Our truly global and divers group composed of students, academics as well as practitioners allowed us to engage in a thought-provoking debate and to get valuable insights on pressing legal issues from various angles. My research definitely benefits from this experience. Plus, I cannot imagine a better place for the colloquium than the Fondation Hardt."


Aurelia Tamo-Larrieux, Damian George, Kento Reutimann, University of Zurich

"We were delighted to present our research at the Internet Law Research Colloquium 2018! The event was held in the stunning Foundation Hardt Location which was the perfect setting for inspiring conversations on various topics related to information and communication law. We presented our newest (and work in progress) research project and received many insightful comments from the moderators and students. We thank the moderators for their in-depth analysis of our contribution and the students in charge of commenting our paper as well as asking us tough questions that sparked interesting debates. Many thanks!"

Presentation of Aurelia Tamo-Larrieux, Damian George, Kento Reutimann

Internet Law Research Colloquium 2017



Program Internet Law Research Colloquium 2017





Enguerrand Marique, CRIDES, UCLouvain

“I really enjoyed participating in the Geneva Internet Law Research Colloquium. Firstly, the Research Colloquium was a valuable opportunity to meet with several experts in the Law & Technology methodology. I therefore learned a lot from current cutting-edge researchers in my field. Besides. I also received relevant comments on my research on « Trust and its legal frontiers in a world of digital platforms » from experienced scholars. The environment allows the students attending this Research Colloquium to get involved and to share their diverse and international insights with the speakers and experts and therefore enrich the other participants’ knowledge. Finally, the organisation of this event is carefully planned. In a nutshell, I would highly recommend anyone interested in legal developments of computer technologies to attend the Geneva Internet L@w Research Colloquium.” 

Presentation of Enguerrand Marique


Magdalena Jozwiak, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


“I was delighted with the opportunity to present and discuss my research at the Internet Law Research Colloquium organized by the University of Geneva. The organizers allocate each presenter enough time for thorough analysis of the research question and invite the leading scholars in the field of internet law to comment on each paper. I was very grateful for the insightful feedback I received and also enjoyed the truly international setting of the Colloquium. It was one very memorable day of academic discussion, meeting interesting scholars and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Fondation Hardt.”

Presentation of Magdalena Jozwiak


Guido Noto La Diega, Northumbria University & Rossana Ducato, CRIDES, UCLouvain


“The Colloquium was a great experience! It was a perfect chance to present the main lines of research of our project and we received very interesting feedback and comments from the participants. The atmosphere of dialogue and discussion among the Internet law scholars, the other speakers, and the students has been really nice and constructive. Furthermore, we have really appreciated the impeccable organisation and the stunning location of the Fondation Hardt.”

Presentation of Guido Noto La Diega & Rossana Ducato


Ben Sobel, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University


“The 2017 Geneva Internet L@w Colloquium was an excellent opportunity to present my ongoing research on artificial intelligence and copyright law. My project will benefit greatly from the thoughtful feedback I received from discussants and attendees, and the Foundation Hardt made for a scenic and collegial setting. I encourage internet law scholars with works-in-progress to apply!”

Presentation of Ben Sobel


Ivory Mills, Northwestern University


“The research colloquium at the Geneva Internet Law summer program was a great opportunity to discuss work in progress and receive valuable feedback from dedicated and thoughtful scholars and practitioners in the field. The discussions were lively and thought-provoking and all of the participants were very engaging!”

Presentation of Ivory Mills



“The opportunity of participating in the Internet Law Research Colloquium at the University of Geneva allowed me to greatly improve my ongoing research. Being able to get in touch with global level researchers and specialists helped me get in tune with the main approaches to my subject of research. It was also revealed itself to be an excellent chance to grow my network of academic contacts.”

Presentation of Pedro Vilela

Internet Law Research Colloquium 2016



Program Internet Law Research Colloquium 2016





Jill Bronfman, University of California, Hastings College of the Law

Jill Bronfman

"The University of Geneva’s Summer Research Colloquium was an important step in the academic cycle of our paper, “Saving Face: The Screen of Chinese Privacy Law Unfolds.” We received valuable feedback from commentators on our initial draft and will be able to present a polished paper to the Asian Privacy Scholars’ Network in Auckland, New Zealand in December 2016. In addition, the summer in Geneva is filled with opportunities to swim in the lake, visit unique museums, and stroll the cobblestones of the old town with colleagues old and new."

Presentation of Jill Bronfman


Gianluigi Fioriglio, Sapienza, Università di Roma

Gianluigi Fioriglio

"The research colloquium is a very challenging and worthy experience. It gave me the possibility to discuss my research topic both with highly skilled commentators and experts. I am very happy and honoured to have taken part into it. "

Presentation of Gianluigi Fiorglio



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